The Hosts – Ray Mayfield and Tiara Jones

From work colleagues to in-laws and now business partners, Ray and Tiara share a unique and rare partnership. Although their backgrounds vary, their commitment and compassion for helping others are one of their strongest common denominators. After many years of working with various government agencies and start-up companies, they grew tired of the limitations with their employers and were inspired to create their own lane to use their gift on their own terms. Ray and Tiara’s professional careers, love for God, and down-to-earth personalities are the perfect combinations to help others take the leap into entrepreneurship while still being bold, obedient, and solid servants for Christ.

Ray is a systems engineer and military veteran who served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and multiple combat deployments, he honorably separated from the Marine Corps in pursuit of a career in defense contracting where he could still provide support to his brothers and sisters in uniform.

Tiara is an electrical and biomedical engineer who spent five years supporting a nonprofit venture capital firm with testing and evaluating start-up company technologies for the public and private sector.

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